Waterproof Match Kit

stylish looking waterproof match case kitLove hiking and other outdoor adventure activities? Then a waterproof match stick kit is a must have in your survival gear. “Exotac Matchcap Waterproof Match Case” has very good design and built.

Waterproof storage for match sticks has dual striker and support for various match stick types including extended length storm proof matches. So be any weather, you can light match stick anywhere. $22.50

More economical option: Uco Stormproof match kit

economical cheap waterproof match stick caseIf you are not bothered about design and need more functional wateproof match case with better capacity – then checkout “UCO Stormproof Match Kit“.

It includes 25 Stormproof Matches and 3 strikers. The container is waterproof and keeps match sticks dry all the time. Look-wise it may not be attractive but it does work and costs less. $7.00

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