Rocking BBQ Fork

Cool Rocking BBQ Fork for men

This is an awesome item for person who loves BBQ’s and rocks out together. Sturdy fork is build to take heat while use on BBQ. It easily holds up barbecues and can also be used for roasting marshmallows or cooking hot dogs. Perfect gift for your rocking husband or male friend. They for sure will…

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Good Morning Mugs

Good Morning Gorgeous / Handsome mugs

Good Morning Handsome or Good Morning Gorgeous – ain’t that cool one liners for a romantic couple enjoying morning coffee? Checkout these ceramic stoneware cool mugs which are microwave and dishwasher safe. Besides cool looking text print, mugs have lovely heart shaped handles. One mug has curve cut design allowing easy integration of “gorgeous” mug…

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Butter Maker Churn

Want some delicious homemade butter ready on demand in no time? Chef’n Buttercup Butter Maker offer portable hand held solution to make butter quickly. Just fill this innovative mini churn jar with heavy whipping cream (which has been stored at room temperature). Shake the jar for few minutes to allow buttermilk to separate from butter.…

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Palm Peeler

Peeling fruits and vegetables in kitchen can be a tiring routine. We have already seen special peeler for peeling Apples and even peeling oranges. Here is Chef’n Palm Peeler, an innovative universal peeler for fruits and vegetables. Just slide on to finger tucked into your palm and peel quickly anything in hand. With stainless steel…

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Giant Cupcake Pan

Who doesn’t love small and cute cupcakes. How about super sized huge single cupcake? Besides being delicious it would look real awesome. Best part, this can be easily made using Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan. It is an over-sized pan that can create 3D cupcake that measures 7-1/4 by 7-1/2 inches. This is an awesome twist…

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Potato Chips Hand

Some will call it height of laziness while other will see it as a little invention that makes Potato Chips munching more easy routine. Potato Chips Crisps Reacher Lazy Tongs is a cute looking artificial hand which is delicate enough to grab chips. So if you do not want to get (real) hands salty or…

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