Collapsible Cook Stove

Collapsible Cook Stove for outdoor cookingBe it backyard or outdoor adventure Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove can be your real friend. Being portable, it is best outdoor cooking option. It can collapse down to small size and can be transported in storage bag. This specific model allows cooking with charcoal, propane or even wood.

Made from durable cold rolled steel, it can be used as: Grill, Dutch oven, Wok, Bake, Roast. This can be a great addition to your survival gear for next outdoor adventure. It is the only outdoor cooker you would need. Whole set includes: collapsible grill, propane burner, hose/regulator, charcoal/wood Grate, diffuser plate, top grill, storage bag and instruction manual. $129.99

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